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Friday, 16-Mar-2007 14:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
new familypage for harris, heidi, daddy & mommy

hi nenek, tok babah, tok ummi, uncles, aunties, kakaks, abangs and adeks...

we would like to invite all of you to come and see us @ our new family page at http://idrisnatasya.multiply.com ok. looking fwd to seeing all of u over there!!

harris & heidi

Sunday, 17-Sep-2006 22:14 Email | Share | | Bookmark
harris & heidi: main-main kat luar rumah

daddy, tunggu...!
mana daddy...?
kejar cepat...
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hi everybody

today's entry were taken outside our home i.e. archers wood, a few days ago by mommy after harris & heidi sending off daddy for work ( or was it sending daddy off for golf with his dearest buddies...). as you can probably see, harris ada sket in distress because being a daddy's boy, he very rarely lets daddy out of his sight... so bila tak dapat ikut daddy naik kereta... ada ngamuk2 sket lah.

heidi plak, a happy-go-lucky type of girl... janji dapat main2 kat luar and dapat roam freely, she's a happy camper for sure. susah actually nak snap gambar these kids properly coz they are more interested to be behind the camera, or else not interested at all. anyways, just to mark one of harris & heidi's favourite activities : chasing daddy to his car before he's off for work (or golf etc.)

love always:
daddy, mommy, mak, harris & heidi

Monday, 11-Sep-2006 01:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Look! it's HARRIS EMIR!!

daddy & harris
top gear
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hi everybody

today's entry is harris punya turn plaks... it won't be fair lah kalo mommy upload pics of heidi aje kan . nways, yesterday abang harris spent some quality time with daddy in blanchardstown shopping centre... we ate ice-cream, pusing2 cari plastic nappy bin untuk harris & heidi - tapi tak jumpa pon. it was so so so much fun! so memang penat sgt lah nih. so sampai jer umah, harris terus demand, "mimi (mommy).... nak jush (juice)!". itu yang banyak gambar harris with his ultimate accessory - his botol juice!

these days, harris's favourite activities include: watching TOP GEAR and sibuk2 lah cari 'mot' (remote) untuk switch on 'vee' (tv) so he can watch 'kas' (cars)! everytime before napping, harris akan arrange all his cars atas vanity table mak, each one facing in, big to small. his forever growing vocabularies - cakap campur2 macam air batu campur - it won't be long until he masters the language(s). also favourite people include: 'ma jay' (mama jay) & 'unke ashaf' (uncle ashraf), 'anti seh' (auntie seha) & 'unke ti' (uncle thiru). harris nih boleh harap untuk look after heidi "adhi......nooooooo....." much needed larangan after heidi dengan selambe nyer main daddy punya separate systems.

harris & heidi, they really adore each other. it's unbelievable how quick they have grown! hopefully, nanti bila besar they'll continue and become the best of friends - wouldn't it be great!

so, that's all from harris on this entry .
doakan harris cepat2 lagi besar and cepat2 lagi tinggi!

until then,
XXX lots of lurve from archers wood

Sunday, 10-Sep-2006 17:19 Email | Share | | Bookmark
satu petang bersama HEIDI....

heidi & her pink blanket
enjoying the evening
playing with tv remote controller
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hi everybody

it has been a while since heidi was here... look at her head full of curly hair !! in case anyone is wondering "what's with the pink blanket?" - that's her 'transitional object'. and as for the thumb-sucking action - orang kata budak baik nih. in reality, heidi really is a child with easy temperament.

favourite activities include : kacau abang harris tido, sepah2 mainan abang harris (abang harris suka kemas!), "kemas2" rumah hehehe...., main phone daddy/mommy/mak and says "alloooOOO....." in her deep voice, korek mulut orang... maybe cari makanan, main washing machine and screw up mak punya washing cycle, kuat merajuk i.e. drama princess (coz drama Queen is still mommy ) and the list goes on.....

to nenek, tok abah, tok ummi, uncle2, auntie2 & kazen2: bila nak dtg dublin lagi?
to uncle abang, auntie marinee, along, balqis & e-chah: tak sabar nih nak gi dubai plak
to mama chique, uncle k-roll & tisya: mommy kata byk2 lagi update photos tisya.
to uncle yed, auntie adeq & auni firzana irreesya: mommy tanya nama dah confirm ke? also mommy nak tgk gambar baby girl coz mama anne kata she's so cute!

until then, enjoy these photos okay. miss heidi selalu!!

love from dublin:
heidi, harris, daddy, mommy & mak

Sunday, 31-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
archers wood

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hi everybody

these are randoms pics from iyeh's collection. just look at our messssssy house... !! nways, these photos are so random there are no themes at all. untuk mengobat rindu nenek, tok abah, tok ummi, aunties and uncles sahaja.

miss you all...
harris, heidi, daddy, mommy and mak
from dublin with love

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